free HTTP Proxies

Ever wonder how we get all those spam emails selling us stuff; saying that we have beenpre-approved for a certain credit card ; or offering us many different things from playing online casino to subscribing to pay-per-view shows and such?

Aucun article
Aucun article

what is a free HTTP Proxy ?

An anonymous proxy is another computer somewhere else ( general ment in a foreign country ) acting as a server to spend your HTTP requests . Easy to understand that this means Type in your web browser and Google Web was to exploit a browser Terms - configure proxy .

Instead of searching for the page Go directly from Google , your browser will and proxy anonymous proxy fetches the page from Google and send it back to you .

OK so now you ask : " Why would I do that ? " .
When you visit Google (or any other for that matter website) directly , your browser Transmits information to the Web site that you visit . Such information may include your IP address.

This is a numerical value assigned to your computer by your Internet provider access and is literally "door" of your computer. Armed with your IP address , a hacker could start scanning your PC port in search of low HAS to enjoy your iso.